FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many colours does it hold?
Ans. Fifty on the cross-stitch version or twenty-five for tapestry.

2. Does it take up a lot of room?
Ans. No – It has been designed to stand next to your chair and takes up less room than a small coffee table

3. Is it easy to store when it’s got the threads on it?
Ans. Yes, you lay the threaded silks carefully across the top of the wheel, dismantle it as explained in the instructions and store it until you need to use it again

4. How do I know which peg my colours are on?
Ans. Each peg is numbered

5. Can I take it on holiday?
Ans. Yes (see ans. 4 above)

6. Can I use it if my project requires blended colours?
Ans. Yes – It is all explained in the instructions

7. Can I use it one handed?
Ans. Yes (see ans. 7 above)

8. What is it made from?
Ans. Injection moulded plastic

9. Is it heavy?
Ans. No, it weighs approx. 1 pound and is made of plastic to make it lightweight but sturdy and easy to use

10. Can I use it for more than one project at a time?
Ans. Yes – The peg no’s will tell you which project each colour belongs to

11. How do I store my needles?
Ans. It’s all explained in the instructions