Customer Comments

Customer Comments

1.     Thank you for your prompt service. I am delighted with my Tanto. It is so easy to use.
 Mrs Cousens, Romsey

 2.     After 10 years of knots and tangles I can at last spend more time sewing and less time organising just as you promised.
 Mrs E. Smith, Swansea

 3.     Thank you for my Tanto, I am delighted with it.
 Mrs Ellis, Carlisle

 4.     I am so pleased with my Tanto and would like to order another one as a gift for my friend.
 Mrs Yooprasert, Thailand

 5.     I think it´s a brilliant idea that will certainly make sewing much easier in the future.
 Mrs Flint, Biggleswade

 6.     I love my Tanto and cannot recommend it highly enough.
 Mrs Ryder, New Zealand

 7.     Thank you for sending my Tanto so quickly, it´s wonderful to have my silks so organised and easy to use.
 Mrs Aston, Solihull

 8.     Thank you so much for your time and patience in working out a method of using my Tanto with one hand. I no longer have to rely on others to sort out the threads I need. I am so grateful.
 Mrs Denney, Somerset

 9.     At last, a quick and easy way to organise my project silks, especially when blending.
 Mrs Parsons, Southampton

 10.  My lovely new Tanto arrived safely, was quickly assembled and festooned with threads. Even with limited use of one hand it is so easy to use. I love it – Oh how I wish I had bought one sooner!
 Mrs. S. Campell, Orkney

One thought on “Customer Comments

  1. The Tonto organizer is quite an improvement in organization for stitchers. I found that by adhering a magnetic band (I discovered at a craft store ) around the wheel, I could park my threaded needles with the correct color . I also placed a magnetic strip on the top center of the wheel to park clean needles. If the Tonto had a built-in caddy at the top for scissors, threaders etc., it would be perfection. I would by this item again, even at a higher price to have a complete system like this, but I am afraid the plastic used would not be sturdy enough. Your present innovation is much appreciated, perhaps Tonto could consider manufacturing an upgraded system.

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